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Res Pharma industrial

Res Pharma industrial was founded in 1962 as a trading company for pharmaceutical products.

It was acquired by the current ownership in 1979. In 1983 the Cosmetic Division was opened and has since become the company’s core business.

Today Res Pharma is a modern and dynamic company focused on the production of a complete range of raw materials for the cosmetic industry and organized by a quality management system which is constantly updated according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

Our objective is to constantly pursue internal growth and improve our service, through a professional co-operation with our suppliers and customers.

The commercial department takes care of the consolidated sales to the home market and of the growing export business, through skilled sales managers and an efficient customer service staff. Res Pharma is also active worldwide thanks to a network of dynamic and professional distributors and agents.

In recent years Res Pharma S.r.l. has consolidated it’s reputation as a manufacturer of innovative natural orientated cosmetic ingredients. At Res Pharma product innovation is spawned from a philosophy that takes the new needs of consumers into consideration: safety for consumers and for the environment, immediate and long lasting efficacy, personal well being and the concept of natural.

The determination to satisfy such requirements is what drives Res Pharma’s advanced research laboratories to study new natural active ingredients based on the re-discovery of botanical traditions that have been scientifically validated through chemical analysis and safety and efficacy tests. Under it’s “Sustainability” policy Res Pharma is already involved in several areas of innovation: several Res Pharma products are certified under the Eco cert label and have been for several years. We have recently obtained of Fairtrade permission to trade certificate as we move into this interesting and fast developing area. Res Pharma is also actively participating in several government (local and European) financed projects for the development of new “green” cosmetic ingredients.

Res Pharma industrial