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Innovative Cosmetic Raw Materials

We now offer innovative raw materials for the cosmetic industry based on two technology platforms:

  • Aqueous polyurethane film formers
  • Polyurea powder as a sensory additive

Environmentally friendly: A unique manufacturing and filling process ensures the production of highly pure polyurethanes:

  • Baycusan products are completely free of co-solvents like ethanol or N-methylpyrrolidone
  • Baycusan products contain no preservatives
  • Baycusan film formers can be used in low- or zero-VOC hair styling products, thus meeting the most stringent environmental regulations.

Easy to formulate: Baycusan film formers offer several formulating advantages compared to existing film formers:

  • Suitable for cold processing
  • High energy input not required
  • No neutralization required
  • Useful over a wide range of pH
  • Compatibility with commonly used cosmetic ingredients

Multifunctional raw material: The Baycusan product line is truly diverse. It is designed for skin care, sun care, hair styling and color cosmetic applications. Polyurethanes meet many challenges of formulating elegant and up to date cosmetic products due to their versatility and beautiful aesthetics.

Aqueous Baycusan film former products form a clear, odorless film on skin and hair. The process enables the design of unique polymer structures with the following attributes:

  • Non-tacky, non-greasy and smooth skin feeling
  • Unique film elasticity and flexibility
  • Outstanding water/high humidity resistance
  • Exceptional SPF boosting effect
  • Baycusan powder imparts a powdery, velvety finish on the skin. In decorative cosmetics, Baycusan powder improves the spreadability, color expression and color uniformity of formulations on the skin.

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