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Bordas Chinchurreta

Our company dates back to 1922 when D. Ramon Bordas Chinchurreta Spanish started the distillation of aromatic plants in a small warehouse in the heart of Seville, started giving the shape to what today is our family business. From natural extracts and citrus processing in southern Spain to derivatives of turpentine oils, Bordas has combined the continuation of traditional techniques for the distillation of natural essential oils, a field where is one of the largest producers of Spain, with the development of the chemistry applied to industry. Taking advantage the products offered by nature to make them more attractive to our customers has been the mission of Distillations Chinchurreta Bordas, SA since its foundation. Since its beginnings in the early century in Seville, this company has evolved from cultivation, marketing and extraction of aromatic plants to the production of citrus derivatives and chemical synthesis for the perfume industry, food and pharmaceuticals.
Products Category:

  • Aroma Chemicals
  • Essential Oils
  • Absolutes– Concretes - Gums – Resins
  • Food Ingredients
  • Flavors & Fragrances
  • Pharmaceutical specialist
  • Botanicals

Destilaciones Bordas Chinchurreta


C/ Acueducto 4-6, Pol. Ind. La Isla - 41703 - Dos Hermanas, Sevilla (Spain)