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Founding the Company ' Khorasan Trading Co. ' by Mr. Jafar Taghizadeh


Founding the Company ' Tooska Trading Co. ' by Mr. Hamid Reza Taghizadeh


The mentioned Companies joined together and named ' Tooska-E-Khorasan Engineering & Trading Group '


About “ Tooska-E-Khorasan Engineering & Trading Group ”

We are one of the most famous suppliers of Cosmetic, Hygienic, Food & Pharmaceutical raw materials to the Iranian companies with nearly 50 years of experience in these activities fields.

Tooska is a family owned company managed by the second generation of family now. Being such a company enables us to focus our activities on the quality & service of our products & specialize our business, so that we can make customers confidential from creativity to evaluation, production & delivery.

Tooska’s team of management, sales & delivery staff will offer you professional, knowledgeable & cooperative service to enable your products to assume innovative leadership in any consumer market.

Tooska is proud of being the exclusive representative of the following companies in Iran

Mr. Jafar Taghizadeh

Mr. Jafar Taghizadeh

Founder of the company


Hamidreza Taghizadeh

Mr. Hamidreza Taghizadeh

Director Manager


Mr. Morteza Taghizadeh

Mr. Morteza Taghizadeh

Head Sales Manager


Our Partners


A Global Fragrance Authority

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Cosmetics keep up the spirits

Cosmetics keep up the spirits of life and increase feeling well. Therefor it is even more important that ...

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Innovative cosmetic raw materials

Over 60 years ago, Otto Bayer and his staff developed polyurethanes ...

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Bordas Chinchurreta

Our company dates back to 1922 when D. Ramon Bordas Chinchurreta Spanish started the distillation of aromatic plants ...

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The PELLETS is a company

focusing on the technologies of granulation, palletization, particle coating, and encapsulation

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NK Ingredients Pte Ltd

has wide experience in molecular distillation which is an essential part of lanolin processing.

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Mibelle Biochemistry

Switzerland designs and develops unique, high-quality actives for the beauty industry ...

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Natural ingredients are beautiful

Natura-Tec, a division of the French based company Ceratec Sarl, focuses on the production and ...

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Res Pharma industrial

Res Pharma

Res Pharma industrial was founded in 1962 as a trading company for pharmaceutical products.

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We do not only take over the purchase of the raw materials needed for the hygiene & cosmetics ..

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